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Our Story

The beggining

Inspired by nature and its fruits, that it abundantly offers to us, attuned to the contemporary nutritional trends and ultimately focused on our fundamental principles, in 2012 we attempted to import our ideas in the Greek market. Being guided in all our steps by the above ingredients and by our passion for innovation, we were convinced that we will create a product that would leave its unique imprint on the tasting experiences of the consumers.

The Inevitable

The recipe was successful. By harmonically combining cereal, fruit and nuts, we created an explosive triptych of vegetable fibres, proteins and vitamins, introducing thus to the consumers the first soft cereal bars of the market with their distinctive gummy texture, but also with the desired crunchiness.

In our attempt to further develop our already innovative product, we added to it our velvety creams, creating an irresistible snack that aimed at redefining the term of “intermediate meal” in the consumers’ mind.

The product line that we invented is our guide for the future.

The vision

Our mission is clear and substantial: to help people discover that genuine flavor can harmonically coexist with wholesomeness.

Based on extroversion, cooperation and authenticity, we aspire to establish strong bonds with our customers, to impart our philosophy and to add our own link to the rapidly-changing consumption trends.

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