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The products

Our goal is to develop a wide range of balanced -in nutritional value and taste- products, in order to ideally cover our nutritional requirements in our modern daily marathon.

Moving within the framework of taste search and nutritious satisfaction, not compromising with the easy way, guided by passion and handmade art, we created a line of taste “personalities” with high gastronomic and nutritional value that cannot wait to be discovered by you.


The Great Taste Awards are organized by the Guild of Fine Food, the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. Two of our products were awarded for their high gastronomic value, its unparalleled taste and top quality.


Thanks to the relationships that we have built with our suppliers throughout the years of our functioning, we can guarantee for both the safety and the quality of our raw materials. At the same time, an additional control is implemented in the materials that we use, before these are remade for the final product in cooperation with our outworkers who are specialized and have extensive experience on the field of food safety.

The team of quality control, having the appropriate specialization on the field, observes, examines and verifies all the production stages of the products and by implementing a complete traceability system allows us to keep track of every product from the production until the final packaging.

Additionally, we try to constantly improve our production processes and recipes, since we believe that only the smooth production methods and the balanced combinations of nutritional values guarantee high quality products.


From the beginning of our operation we imported a complete hygiene management system, according to the international standards (HACCP) and since 2019 we have been implementing the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) that is the updated version of the standards of ISO 22000.


Proper packaging is an integral part of our processes and one of the main safety factors in the chain of transportation of our products from the production site to the final consumer.

By strictly following the health regulations, adding our love for the product itself and always respecting the consumer, we ensure and maintain the perfect quality of our flavors.


The safe transportation of our products is the last and at the same time critical stage of the chain of transportation to the final consumer. We take care to maintain the completeness of the content of the metapackage during the transportation and at the same time we offer a range of choices in order to satisfy the individual needs of our customers.

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